September, 15 2017 at 4 PM SLT

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VWE PrimeTime August, 16th 2017 Results

Just seven days ago, on VWE Primetime last week, Cody Houley opened the show and talked about his loss at BeachBrawl, and how Mr. Warf, the CEO of VWE, would probably not give him another title shot, so he would have to win the Elimination Royale to take that spot. Well, someone hit rewind and...
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Current Champions

Braden Karsin

VWE World Heavyweight Champion

Chloe Valentine

VWE Womens World Champion

Chris Crossfade

VWE United States Champion

Ellie Embers

VWE PULSE Womens Champion

Kingston Ellington

VWE PULSE Champion


VWE Radiance Champion

Vince Easterwood

VWE Tag Team Champion