Time and Location
Friday, June 23rd 6 PM PDT at Empire City Colosseum

Featured Superstars

VWE Superstar

Cody Houley

VWE Superstar

Vince Easterwood

VWE Superstar

Benja Nirvana

VWE Women's World Champion

Christina Krovac

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VWE Superstar

Viola Beaumont

About the Show


By Brian Dusel

Last week, the ladies took over, but this Friday at the Empire City Colosseum the entire roster is back and able to be thrown into matches.  Every match is a wrestler’s most important match because professional wrestling is a brand that strives on “what have you done for me lately”.  It is not about what a superstar did three years ago, it is what happened most recently and whether they are on a roll climbing up the mountain, or tumbling down.  

This week, the show kicks off with a woman who not only survived a Handicap Match last Friday at VWE Ladies’ Night but defeated both Krystal and Alison Daines through a stroke of good luck and determination, Viola Beaumont.  And this week she steps into the ring to face off against Becky, the sun-tanned highlight of Los Angeles.  Becky is outmatched in this contest.  She is at a disadvantage when it comes to height, weight, and experience.  But one thing you can never do is count out the underdog.  Look back to Ladies’ Night, who would have guessed that Viola could defeat not one, but two women?  The great thing about being less-experienced is the lack of footage, which means Viola cannot prepare like she might against some of the other women on the roster.  This Friday, these two will collide and one thing is certain, this match is prime for a surprise.

In the second match of the night, it’s Benja Nirvana battling Drake Edwards. Last week, Benja walked out to speak about how disappointed he was that he did not walk out of KOTA with the briefcase and how he had been fighting through the bumps and bruises he received in that Ladder Match. Benja has the height and power advantage, but he will be fighting a man who has shown how much heart he has, facing adversity after adversity only to learn and apply himself to honing his craft and abilities. Drake Edwards is the personification of the Rocky Balboa story, a guy who pulled himself up with nothing but determination and a willingness to take the punches. Those traits are exactly what Edwards will need to make it through the initial barrage from “The Big Shot”.

Last week on VWE Primetime, Wolfy Kessel got an amazing opportunity to fight for the VWE United States Championship but failed to secure the title from Night.  The measure of a man is not his successes but how he handles failure and moves into the future.  Step one is signing up for another match, which Kessel did.  Step two is getting prepared for a war and against Jayson Rain that is exactly what Wolfy will get.  Jayson has an unprecedented style, mixing his agility with striking ability.  Even though Wolfy is a similar height and weight, he relies more on his aggressive tendencies and power, choosing to strike hard, strike fast and try to put his opponents away as quickly as possible.  Speed will be the name of the game in this match.  When that bell rings, whichever superstar takes that first jump will have a decisive advantage as the match wears on.

In a huge co-main event for Edge, it is two of the biggest names in wrestling history clashing as Maxine takes on VWE Women’s World Champion, Christina Krovac.  At Ladies’ Night, Christina called in a favor from the DIE Women’s Champion, Lexi Wicked, to battle and ultimately defeat, Chloe Valentine and Maxine in a Tag Team Match.  Maxine being the person who tapped out in the match is going to be looking for some form of retribution.  Getting a win over a champion is always a good thing, but after last week’s match, can Maxine stave off distraction?  Maxine and Christina have had the delight of competing against some of the best women in history and Maxine’s fights with Christina have been some of the most re-watchable contests on YouTube.  Every time they are in the ring together, rating spike.  What can we expect?  You can expect counters and risks.  This is a fight that will come down to which woman makes the first mistake.  And never forget the X-factor, G.O.A.T.  They are not above causing a distraction to make an opening and unfortunately Maxine is not scheduled to have anyone in her corner for this contest.

And lightning strikes twice as the live audience is given a treat of a WrestleSeries 8 main-event rematch as Cody Houley stands across the ring from Vince Easterwood.  Cody is a three-time VWE World Heavyweight Champion and Vince Easterwood is the man who ended his third reign.  Houley has taken his eye off the prize while getting G.O.A.T. together and now that he’s made a deal with Braden Karsin, the reigning World Champion, he will be cashing in on a title shot in the near future.  Going into this match, Cody will be looking to finish this fight as quickly as possible, not wanting to risk injury which could derail his challenging for the biggest title in VWE.  On the other hand, Vince Easterwood is arguably the greatest technical wrestler to ever step foot in-between the ropes and his experience with Houley specifically makes this a must-see match.  The longer the match goes, the more it favors Vince.  With his submission specialties, Easterwood will be working the appendages and looking for a joint lock.  Vince loves hearing the hand slap the mat in submission while Cody will be trying to work the neck and testing Easterwood’s jaw trying to find an opening for the Codebreaker.

One thing is certain about Edge, it is a stacked card with supercard-level matches set to make each person in the live audience run hoarse screaming out loud.  And will Viola continue her momentum from that Handicap Match?  When champions collide, which can afford to lose and will the propel both to fight harder?  Will Wolfy or Jayson move one step up the ladder?  Will Maxine avenge her loss at Ladies’ Night or will Christina show her what a G.O.A.T. really looks like?  And will the code break or will the church bells sound for thee?  All questions and the only answers we’ll find will be played out live Friday at 6 pm SLT.  

Complete matchcard

Match One: Becky vs. Viola Beaumont

Match Two: Benja Nirvana vs. Drake Edwards

Match Three: Jayson Rain vs. Wolfy Kessel

Match Four: Christina Krovac vs Maxine

Main Event: Cody Houley vs Vince Easterwood

–Card is subject to change–