Time and Location
Friday, June 9th 6 PM PDT at Empire City Colosseum

Featured Superstars

VWE World / VWE Tag Team Champion

Braden Karsin

VWE Superstar

Jeffrey Fireguard

VWE United States Champion


VWE Superstar

Chloe Valentine

VWE Superstar


VWE Women's World Champion

Christina Krovac

About the Show

After successfully retaining the VWE World Heavyweight Championship at VWE King of the Arena, defeating Vince Easterwood in an Iron Man Match, Braden Karsin, the self-proclaimed “King of VWE” then followed up that victory by entering the Tag Team Classic with Lyra Phoenix and fought through four matches in two days to become the first-ever VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions.  But, being a King is not about resting on your laurels, relaxing with your success.  It is about getting back in the ring and continuing the battle for greatness, and that continues Friday as VWE presents Edge at 6 pm SLT from the home of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, the Empire City Colosseum.  

When the show begins, an unnamed source has admitted that VWE United States Champion, Night, will be making an appearance with a microphone in hand.  Will he gloat about defeating Curt Bombastic at King of the Arena?  Will he want to discuss his actions at TTC?  We won’t have to wait long into the program to find out.

In the first match of the night, action will be at the forefront as the women take the spotlight when Kitty will stand toe-to-toe with Marionetta the Trickster.  The former 2-time VWE Women’s International Champion, Marionetta, is a unique individual inside the ring.  She has an unorthodox fighting style that keeps most people guessing and she will be looking to keep Kitty off her toes.  Kitty is new to being in the VWE ring, but she has been spending the past couple years working with some of the best performers on the independent scene.  Breaking this match down, look for Kitty to try to push for a faster pace, while Marionetta will be looking to assert her dominance as quickly as possible.  The longer this match goes, the more it favors Kitty and her incredible cardio.

For the second match, it is a small return for Morgan Jones, who was scheduled to team with Lily Martinez during TTC but found himself with a hurt ankle, leading to one of the biggest surprises of TTC, the return of Lil’Abelle as a team when Isabelle showed up to partner with Lily.  Morgan spent the last few days working with trainers in physical therapy and inside the ring to make sure he is back up to full strength.  “We erred on the side of caution with his ankle,” Mark Jacobs, one of the staff VWE trainers said.  “Morgan likes to do high-risk moves and if his ankle had the possibility of giving way, it would be too risky.”  Mr. Jacobs is correct in assuming that because of the style Jones likes to use, while Morgan would be willing to fight with an injury, it would be too much for VWE to risk, but he is back to fighting shape and will be in action this Friday against Chris Crossfade.  Chris is a very strong hand when it comes to technical wrestling, but he also likes to troll his opponents, weakening their mental fortitude and causing them to make a mistake.  If Morgan comes out with even the slightest hesitation, Chris will find that opening and capitalize against him.

The fans in the audience will be in for an epic showdown when Krystal, the 2015 Queen of the Arena, goes one-on-one with Chloe Valentine, a former VWE Women’s World Champion.  These two have encountered each other in matches before and never fail to disappoint.  They know each other so well, understanding their strengths and weaknesses.  Krystal had a good showing at the 2017 Queen of the Arena Ladder Match.  While she didn’t walk out with the briefcase, she showed that she is willing to do anything to win, including involving Alison Daines in her corner.  People can expect Alison to join her for this match and that adds an X-factor into the match.  Alison could help Krystal strategize or she could just be there to distract Chloe.  This is two of the biggest names in VWE today, colliding for your entertainment.  What could be better than that?  

And, then it is time for the main event where Wolfy Kessel, the former 2-time VWE US Champion, former VWE Tag Team Champion and the former VWE Extreme Champion, facing off against the reigning and defending VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Braden Karsin.  As described above, Braden has been on a roll lately, while Wolfy has hit a string of bad luck.  During the KOTA tournament, he had tied Benja Nirvana, only to lose out on his opportunity to get into the Ladder Match when Benja defeated him on the Primetime before KOTA.  Wolfy followed that up being left off the KOTA supercard and then lost in the first round of the TTC tournament.  Wolfy will be wanting to utilize his size advantage and take the fight to Braden, but Karsin is a crafty individual.  He has known Wolfy for years and will have studied him.  Braden didn’t become the World Champion by accident.  He was very calculated in his choices and will be trying to use his speed advantage to get Wolfy off his feet.  Will Braden make Wolfy bow down before the “King of VWE” or will Kessel show why he should be challenging for the World Title sooner than later?

All these scenarios and questions and the people in the audience will see it all happen live before their very eyes this Friday at 6 pm SLT when VWE presents Edge! And remember to follow VWE.CC on all social media sites to find out all the news you can use about the superstars of the VWE.  

Complete matchcard

Match One: Kitty vs Marionetta

Match Two: Chris Crossfade vs Morgan Jones

Match Three: Chloe Valentine vs Krystal

Main Event: VWE World Championship Match

Braden Karsin (c) vs Wolfy Kessel

–Card is subject to change–