Time and Location
Friday, June 16th 5 PM PDT at Empire City Colosseum

Featured Superstars

VWE Women's World Champion

Christina Krovac

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Chloe Valentine

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VWE Superstar

Rani Patel

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VWE Superstar


About the Show


By Brian Dusel

Once a year, the double-x chromosomes take over and send the men packing.  And this year, it is happening this Friday when VWE presents Ladies’ Night.  This is a night and event to celebrate the women as phenomenal athletes, fighters, and performers.  

The pre-show starts at 4 pm SLT and already scheduled, as announced on VWE Pulse this past Sunday, is an Evening Gown Match between Aphrodite and the Right-Winger, Cheryl White.  Last Wednesday, on VWE PrimeTime, Cheryl caused a slight distraction, costing Aphrodite her opportunity for a win over Alexandra.  This made Cheryl call Aphrodite out at VWE Pulse, only to end up getting assaulted by Aphrodite.  An Evening Gown Match is difficult in the fact that the competitors have to wrestle in fancy dress, rather than their standard wrestling attire.  What will happen when both women bring out their party best to fight in?  

In the main event of the pre-show, the VWE Women’s Pulse Championship is on the line.  This past Sunday, Stacy got a win over Champion, Misaki Yumako, when she walked out of their match, appearing to have misjudged how talented Stacy had become, with her quick counters and willingness to fight through the pain.  Misaki will not be making that mistake on Friday when her title is on the line.  Look for her to want to make a statement with Stacy.  

When the main show starts, it kicks off with a match weeks in the making.  From friends to enemies, Kitty and Rani Patel have been at odds lately.  This turn of events has caused Kitty to become more aggressive, but slightly more reckless in her battles.  Her aggression was apparent in her match against Marionetta the Trickster last Wednesday, but that ended up costing her the match after Marionetta caught Kitty with the swinging DDT.  Rani, however, won her last match.  In a farce where the current VWE Radiance Champion, Hilary Lanfier, came out dressed and pretending to be “Brooke Owens”, Rani got an easy victory because Hilary wanted to make Brooke look foolish.  But this win allows Rani bragging rights, a moment that she can now say she holds a victory over Hilary, while Kitty seems to be on the losing end time and time again.  This match will be explosive once the bell rings and Kitty can finally get her hands on “Ms. Bollywood”.

Speaking of Marionetta, the Trickster will be in the second match of the night against Alexandra, both women vying for the position of # 1 Contender to the VWE Radiance Championship.  With Alex’s win over Aphrodite and Mari’s over Kitty, both have shown to be superior competitors inside the ring, never taking their eye off the prize.  Management clearly is high on both women and as steel sharpens steel, so too does amazing wrestler sharpen the skills of other amazing wrestlers.  Guaranteed, whoever walks out with the win and an opportunity to face Hilary Lanfier for the VWE Radiance Championship, the true winner will be the audience.  When looking at both women, Marionetta tends to be a little more unorthodox in the traditional sense, while Alexandra is more traditional, enjoying mat wrestling and catching people out of nowhere with a T-Bone Suplex.  Will Alexandra hit the Future Shock DDT or will Marionetta bring Alex to the tea party and walk out the new # 1 Contender to the Radiance Championship?

Alison Daines has found herself assisting Krystal of late, even trying to assist Krystal in the Queen of the Arena Ladder Match, a match that ended up going to Hilary Lanfier.  This past Friday on VWE Edge, Alison was out cheering on Krystal in her match against Chloe Valentine when Viola Beaumont rushed down to the ring to try to perhaps even the odds.  But, her move was short-lived as Alison knocked Viola down.  But that moment caused Krystal to be distracted, leaving her open for Chloe to win that match.  But this Friday, on Ladies’ Night, Viola will find herself not just facing Alison, but facing Alison and Krystal in a Handicap Match.  This is a numbers game and unfortunately, the odds will not be on Viola to win.  As talented as she is, it is hard to capture the pinfall when your opponent has a partner that can rush in and break up the pin.  Unless Viola has something else up her sleeve, expect Krystal and Alison to take turns punishing Beaumont.  

And after all that action, drama, and excitement, it will be time for the main event.  Last Friday, after Chloe defeated Krystal, the reigning VWE Women’s World Champion, Christina Krovac, came out to confront her, but Maxine came to stand by Chloe’s side.  Maxine and Christina have a history, their most recent confrontation happening at King of the Arena where Maxine fought for Chloe and her dad.  In a big twist, it looked as if Maxine had won the match, only to have the match restart when the referee noticed Christina’s foot was on the ropes.  After the restart, Krovac showed why she is a dominant competitor, winning the match to retain the VWE Women’s World Championship.  But, last Friday, during the staredown, Christina challenged the two of them to a Tag Team Match.  No one knows who Christina’s tag team partner is, but rumor has said that she has been not only visited the VWE Women’s Locker Room but the locker rooms at DIE and WPWF.  She is scouring the area for the right partner.  Christina, herself, is a dangerous person in the ring.  She has the guile and cunning for days, but Maxine has almost a decade of experience and Chloe has shown that she will endure any pain to continue the fight.  It would be impossible to predict this match, not knowing who Christina will find to stand beside her, but one thing is certain, Krovac will be coming prepared and might keep the identity of her partner secret until the bell rings just to try and keep Maxine and Chloe Valentine off-guard.  

VWE Ladies’ Night promises to be a night full of action, adventure, and excitement.  With twists and turns that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.  Make sure you aren’t one of the sad, lonely, people at the water cooler the next day that missed this event.  VWE Ladies’ Night starts with the Pre-Show at 4 pm SLT at the home of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, the Empire City Colosseum.  

Complete matchcard

Preshow: Starts at 4 PM SLT 

Match one: Evening Gown match

Cheryl White vs. Aphrodite

Main Event: VWE Women’s Pulse Championship

Misaki Yumako (c) vs. Stacy


Main show: Starts at 5 PM SLT

Match One: Kitty vs. Rani Patel

Match Two: VWE Radiance Championship Nr. 1 Contender Match

Alexandra vs. Marionetta

Match Three: Two on One Handicap Match

Krystal & Alison Danes vs. Viola Beaumont 

Main Event: Two on One Handicap Match

Christina Krovac vs. Chloe Valentine and Maxine

–Card is subject to change–