Time and Location
Wednesday, June 14th 5 PM PDT at Empire City Colosseum

Featured Superstars

VWE World / Tag Team Champion

Braden Karsin

VWE Tag Team Champion

Lyra Phoenix

VWE United States Champion


VWE Superstar

David Hawk Actor

VWE Superstar

Loody Graves

VWE Superstar

Jeffrey Fireguard

About the Show


By Brian Dusel

Before people get their ladies fix on Friday at VWE Ladies’ Night, we get a full episode of action on Wednesday with VWE Primetime.  Last Friday on VWE Edge, Jeffrey Fireguard rushed down to the ring, perhaps looking for some retribution from the attack the “King of VWE” Braden Karsin had given him weeks prior.  But, before he could lay hands upon the VWE World Champion, G.O.A.T. came out to stop Fireguard and beat the former World Champion down in the middle of the ring.  We have not been given any update about the injury to Fireguard, so we will go with the assumption that he is at least cleared for action.  And action he shall have in the first match of this supercard Primetime against “The Devil” Kieran Darkwatch.  Kieran has found himself reveling in the sins of others.  He tempts them, twisting their desires into action and claims to feed off their debauchery.  If Jeffrey comes to the match in less than 100% condition, Kieran will target his weak points, perhaps bringing Fireguard to heel.  While Kieran has the size advantage, Jeffrey has been known to take extreme risks to try to secure the victory, but will that trick “The Devil”?  

During the King of the Arena Tournament, DavidHawk Actor and Loody Graves fought to a time-limit draw.  The only reason it didn’t stay that way was because of the audience there live chanting for “Five more minutes”.  After Stuart Warf, himself, came down to restart the match, David was able to pick Loody up for the NMP and cover for the three count.  After a brutal match with Derrick Cult that David was lucky to capture the victory, he got caught from behind by Loody Graves, delivering a backbreaker and then demanding that first loss is the start of a Best of Three Series, which means David is currently up 1-0.  But, Wednesday, Loody is hoping to even the score in another match.  These are two former multi-time World Champions colliding with nothing but personal pride at stake.  Loody Graves is as witty and cunning as they come within the ring, finding ways to eek out a win even from the most desperate of situations.  David is recognized as one of the best mat technicians in the game, but with someone with the experience of Graves, David might need a different strategy for this match.  Look for Loody to try to push the pace of the match and DHA to try and catch Loody with some quick strikes, both looking for any opening to finish the match.  

At the Tag Team Classic, 16 teams collided in a two-day tournament, leading to just one team in the end crowned the VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions, Braden Karsin, and Lyra Phoenix.  One team that got eliminated by forfeit was Vince Easterwood and Kasumi, the latter being attacked and unable to go to the ring for the match.  After the tournament was over, speculation about who attacked Kasumi has run rampant and the International Pro Wrestling Authority (IPWA) is still investigating the situation.  But, with Kasumi and Vince’s forfeit, people wonder what would have happened, would Brooke Owens and Matt Asadar still advance past them?  If not, would they have defeated Braden and Lyra to move into the finals?  Unfortunately, we are not allowed to go back in time to see Kasumi reach the ring, but in the main event of VWE Primetime this week, Vince and Kasumi will get their chance to right the wrongs and face the self-proclaimed “King of VWE” and Phoenix with the titles on the line.  The same rules apply from TTC, this will be a Mixed Tag Team Match, which means that when a member of the opposite sex is tagged in, the opposing team must also swap out their legal members.  Braden and Lyra are coming into this match with a chip on their shoulder.  Neither of them got an easy pass into the finals, having to battle through four matches in two days to become the first-ever VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions.  But, Vince and Kasumi have something to prove as well.  They feel they should’ve been in that finals.  Who will walk out the VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions?  Will Braden and Lyra prove they were always destined to become the Champions or will Vince and Kasumi show their favor with the commanding spirit of the VWE audience and walk out the new champions?  

This special edition of VWE Primetime comes at the usual time of 5pm SLT this Wednesday at the home of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, the Empire City Colosseum.  Make sure you are there to see these matches and much, much more.  

Complete Matchcard


Match one: Jeffery Fireguard vs. Kieran Darkwatch

Match two: David Hawk Actor vs. Loody Graves

Main Event: VWE Tag Team Championship Match

Braden Karsin & Lyra Phoenix (c) vs. Vince Easterwood & Kasumi Hyata

–Card is subject to change–