Time and Location
Wednesday, June 21st 5 PM PDT at Empire City Colosseum

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David Hawk Actor

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Loody Graves

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Curt Bombastic

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Brooke Owens

VWE Radiance Champion

Hilary Lanfier

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About the Show


By Brian Dusel

It has only been five days since VWE Ladies’ Night and the roster is still feeling the effects. Back at VWE King of the Arena, Hilary Lanfier climbed the ladder, grabbed the Queen of the Arena briefcase, and then cashed in within minutes, hitting Brooke Owens with the briefcase to leave her mostly unconscious and easy pickings. At Ladies’ Night, Brooke got her rematch, but Hilary fought hard and still walked out as the VWE Radiance Champion. But, this Wednesday on VWE Primetime, Brooke is back in action against a woman who made news at Ladies’ Night last Friday by being visibly drunk during her match with Rani Patel. We could only be referring to Kitty, who stumbled around the ring in her match with Rani and ended up losing the fight. Rumor has it that Kitty and Ms. Patel were both talked to and advised of mandatory breathalyzer tests before each show they would be utilized in from then on. This week, it will be more than just for pride as these two former champions collide, both trying to move up the rankings towards new accomplishments. Kitty has the height and weight advantage, so more than likely, she has the strength advantage going into this match. But Brooke has the experience advantage. When those two types collide, with both women forced into a must-win situation, we will see more heart displayed than perhaps has ever been displayed in a VWE ring before. As we break this match down, look for Kitty to work the body while Owens focuses her attack on either a specific leg or arm. Both are sound strategies, but will Kitty find a way to put Owens into the Kitty Drop or will Brooke prove why she was the 2016 Breakout Superstar of the Year and first-ever VWE Radiance Champion?

Last Week, “The Devil” Kieran Darkwatch went one-on-one with Jeffrey Fireguard and really coaxed the rage out of “The Misfit”. What will Kieran’s sin of the week be when he faces off against Rhys Tucker? Rhys failed to defeat Darkwatch the last time these two battled two weeks ago, but that could be just the motivation for Tucker to come out swinging. Determination is a powerful ally in a wrestling match and no one wants to fail twice. Tucker being the smaller of the two competitors should use his speed and agility to stick and move. He should go into this match like Muhammed Ali facing George Foreman, trying to keep moving and let “The Devil” wear himself out. But perhaps “pride” is what Kieran is expecting Rhys to come to the match with. He knows that losses can make people desperate and be looking for a way out, perhaps looking to make a deal. More often than not, the path to success compromises most people, forcing them to make hard decisions and dealing with “the Devil”. Kieran knows this, has studied this and enjoys reveling in the low roads people will take. He was giddy last week seeing the wrath he could bring out of Jeffrey, a man who has been plagued by issues with VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Braden Karsin, and G.O.A.T. Darkwatch will be patient and look for his opening to secure another soul.

Turns out last week, when the match was over and David Hawk Actor stood the victor over Loody Graves, that that was not the end of the situation. Graves, unhappy that he’d just been swept in a Best of Three Series, turned around with hurt in his voice and demanded that they make it a Best of Five Series. Loody is looking for that moment of redemption and is now like a caged animal, pressed up against the wall. He will look for anything and any moment to secure the W. DHA has shown how dedicated he is to his craft in the ring, constantly training in the VWE Performance Center and posting on social media. Meanwhile, Loody Graves is trying to prove that the “Golden Age of VWE” was better than the current product and to prove that, he needs to stand tall when the bell rings and the matches end. Breaking this match down, both men are in superior shape with conditioning that would make superheroes winded. Loody has the ability to switch strategies mid-match, which helps keep him unpredictable, but in their only two matches facing off against one another, it has seemed that DHA has had his number. “The Awesome One” will be looking to damage David’s lower back, setting him up for the Awesome Back Breaker. Meanwhile, David will be looking for that one opening to catch Loody into the Not My Problem. These two have pushed hard to give everything they had in the last two matches. Neither one will admit defeat and that is what keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Will DHA continue the sweep and force Loody to realize that he is just not the better man? Or will Graves show that Team Awesome is just getting fired up again and force this series to Match 4? We will find out in the main event of VWE Primetime.

As always, VWE Primetime will be coming live from the home of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, the Empire City Colosseum at 5 pm SLT. And not only will you get these fantastic match-ups, but rumor has it that after announcing that he was on the hunt for the United States Championship last week, that Curt Bombastic will be making an appearance. And after causing a no-contest at VWE Ladies’ Night between Alexandra and Marionetta the Trickster, VWE Radiance Champion, Hilary Lanfier, will be making an appearance and possibly be speaking about the situation. Make sure you get to the arena early to find the best possible seat to see all the action, the drama, and adventure as only professional wrestling brings you.

Complete Matchcard

Match One: Kitty vs. Brooke Owens

Match Two: Kieran Darkwatch vs. Rhys Tucker

Main Event: Best out of 5 Series

Loody Graves vs. David Hawk Actor

–Card is subject to change–